Minute by Minute – Take time for yourself

Black_stonesI hope you’re well and enjoying this Spring weather. Sadly, not everyone is full of the joys of Spring, and I’ve been shocked and saddened by the number of people I’ve met recently who have been struggling in some way. Whether through stress and overwhelm, or boredom and frustration, too many people are feeling the pressure and it’s having a serious impact on performance, home life and health and wellbeing too.

 And what’s even more concerning is the number of key managers and leaders who are on the verge of giving up but are putting on a brave face and leaving colleagues around them blissfully unaware. Yet if just one or two of these people were to suddenly hand in their notice, what impact would this have for them, the team and the organisation?

So here’s just one simple practice that I use with my coaching clients, to help regain a sense of calm, clarity and confidence and strengthen inner resilience.


TIP – Every day make a little time and space just for you

*  Start by finding a quiet space to sit, or even at your desk or on the train

*  As you’re sitting, become aware of your feet on the ground, the chair beneath or behind you and, if you wish, allow your eyes to close

*  Now become aware of your breathing. No need to change or control it. Just simply observe and notice where in your body you sense it most. Maybe the abdomen, the chest, the throat or even the tip of the nose.

*  Allow your attention to rest gently in this place, noticing each in breath and each out breath.

*  And as thoughts arise, as they probably will, just let them be and bring your attention gently back to the breath.

*  Now, with each in-breath, imagine it flowing all the way down to the abdomen. And with each out- breath, imagine it flowing all the way out through the tip of the nose.

*  And with each in-breath you may choose to say to yourself ‘Refresh’ and with each out-breath ‘Letting Go’

*  Now get a sense of the whole body, breathing in and breathing out, from the top of the head all the way down to the soles of the feet.

*  And after a few minutes, whenever you’re ready, become aware once again of your feet on the floor, and the chair beneath and behind you.

*  Allow your eyes to open, take a good look around, and get a sense of being fully present.

*  Alert, awake and energised.