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🌱Whether 2024 has got off to a flying start or been interrupted by life’s ups and downs, it’s all ok. You can begin again.

🌙And while we might well already be in the second month of the calendar year, for many of us this can be a more natural time for new creations and beginnings.

🌱Last week marked Imbolc in the Northern hemisphere. The traditional Celtic festival, when the appearance of snowdrops, sound of birdsong and lengthening days all indicate that Nature is beginning to awaken from her slumbers.

🌙And this Saturday marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year and the start of the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

🎬So, what better time to Take Two? To refresh and renew your visions for the future and reconnect with the flow of nature.

If you’d love to join me and infuse your creations with new energy and focus this year then register here.

Look forward to seeing you!

💚 Flow with Nature
💚 Refresh. Renew. Reconnect.