How Accumulators Communicate Best

Accumulators need quiet time to be at their best and get annoyed when there is too much conversation or stories that prevent them from concentrating. They don’t like to get things wrong, are not willing to volunteer a wrong answer and would rather write things down and get clear feedback on how they can improve. Accumulators communicate best when writing and presenting clear concepts, data and numbers.

How Creators Communicate Best

Creators are naturally creative so have vivid imaginary worlds. They have short attention spans so lose focus if they are not interested in the subject. They often imagine they have communicated things that they haven’t. Creators communicate best when they can share the big picture and are free to draw and express visually their ideas.

How Deal Makers Communicate Best

Deal Makers need to hear all sides so communication is always in stereo. Communication to a Deal Maker is also about what’s not said. As Donald Trump says, deal making is an art, not a science. At the critical moment what you say and how you say it can make all the difference: you can lose a million by what you say, and you can make a million by saying nothing

How Lords Communicate Best

Lords will be the first to put things in writing and want to see all the detail and instructions in writing. Giving a Lord a big picture concept or asking them to think on their feet is the fastest way to lose their interest. Lords need time to think about their communication and will often work through many drafts before being comfortable enough to present their final results or ideas.

How Mechanics Communicate Best

Mechanics love brainstorming and investigating through visuals and charts. They communicate best when they have information that they can show in new and interesting ways and when they have the time to prepare properly for their presentation. Putting a Mechanic on the spot is not the way to get the best out of them. Mechanics also communicate best through questions and answers where they can uncover areas needing further investigation.

How Stars Communicate Best

Stars are natural communicators when they take the stage but are not strong on detail. Stars communicate best when having fun and getting attention, where the stage is set and they do not need to compete for attention. If you leave a 50 page proposal for a Star, don’t expect it to be read soon… if at all.

How Supporters Communicate Best

Supporters love to chat and they don’t see this as hard work. While they like a two-way interaction, they are not as comfortable as Stars with taking the stage as they don’t work well with one-way presentations. With strong interpersonal skills, Supporters communicate best through casual conversation and concepts brought to life through stories and participation. It’s easy for Supporters to get distracted, so the key is for a Supporter to start with a clear message and outcome for their communication.

How Traders Communicate Best

Traders, like Deal Makers, thrive in smaller groups and often find it difficult to perform in front of an audience. They don’t enjoy the attention and are the first to shine it onto someone or something else. This means they will often find a spokesperson for the team and then prepare the information needed for them to shine. They need time to communicate and are happier when what they say is backed up with research and examples. They are most comfortable when information can be substantiated and don’t have much time for pie-in-the-sky thinking.

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