The Trust Conference is a chance to see how you can use the concept of trust for your immediate and long term success.

It is designed help Business Leaders explore the meaning and measure of trust and draws together leading experts with business professionals wishing to understand and improve levels of trust in business.




The subject of Trust is a hot topic right now, especially in business and politics. As the certainties of the past are being undermined, and economics and performance are being impacted, Trust in business is now becoming a vital concept in the 21st Century. That’s why this conference is attracting such a high level of interest from thought leaders, business leaders and entrepreneurs alike.


The Speed of Trust is not a topic, it is a movement – one that I encourage all… businesses to engage in – Jerry Roper, President and CEO, Chicago Chamber of Commerce


The Trust Conference is a one day conference, designed to help Business Leaders explore the meaning and measure of Trust. It draws together people who wish to understand and improve levels of Trust in business, and ultimately use Trust as a tool to improve bottom-line profits.


 Stephen M R Covey is the foremost thought leader on using trust to transform businesses and has toured the world helping organisations use trust to greatest effect. This is the only chance you’ll get to hear him speak in the UK this year.


Meet the speakers



Keynote Speaker > Stephen MR Covey.

Author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal #1 bestseller The Speed of Trust. Stephen Covey will be running a 3 hour training session on Building Trust in Organisations.





Hamilton-R-Photo Speaker > Roger James Hamilton.

International Entrepreneur and Author of ‘Talent Dynamics, How to Unlock Your Teams  Potential’, will be running a fascinating session on Trust within Teams.





Picture-R_-Barrett Speaker > Richard Barrett.

Founder and Chairman of the Barrett Values Centre and Internationally recognised thought leader and author on values, culture and leadership in business and society.





Swanborough-S-Photo1  Speaker > Sue Swanborough

HR Director at General Mills UK, Ireland and Nordic Region – one of the fastest growing food companies in the market.





And many more………….

Why should you attend?


Not only will you be learning from some of the world’s leading authorities on Trust in organisations, you’ll leave with specific actions that you can implement immediately in your business or organisation to measure and increase levels of Trust, as quickly as possible.

Specifically, you’ll discover

* How to use trust to create and sustain high performing teams who love coming to work
* How to turn trust from a soft idea into a hard business measure
* How trust can accelerate business performance
* How lack of trust has impacted organisations and markets
* How particular organisations are using trust to achieve phenomenal business success

Plus there’ll also be plenty of opportunity to meet and network with over 600 other business professionals who recognise the power of Trust and are keen to improve levels of trust in business.


More about Trust


Trust is more than a virtue.  It is a measure of value and an economic driver of the 21st Century. With competition going global, everyone needs something they can rely on.


The Trust Conference explores the meaning and measure of trust and how it can benefit businesses. Keynote speakers will show how the paradigm has shifted.  They will tell how some organisations have recognised the importance of trust in their brand, products and services and the positive impact this has had.


They will also look at how other large companies are starting to pay the price for lack of trust with their customers and markets.
And Trust in business isn’t just about boosting results. It’s a key component in creating environments where people can express their true talents and increase their self worth and ultimately it contributes to growing the human spirit as a whole!Trust isn’t just for big businesses either. Trust can make you more employable and promotable and energise your personal and professional relationships too.

The Trust Conference is a chance for you to see how you can use the concept of Trust for your immediate and long term success.


When and where is it?

Tuesday 10th September 2013, 8am til 6pm, Kensington Great Hall, Central London.


Intrigued? Curious? Come along and find out for yourself.