Alchemy in Nature

This photo was taken two years ago. And it really does remind me of the magic and alchemy that exist in nature.

Where fungi such as these are continually transforming dead wood, rotting matter and decay into nutrient rich soil to support fresh, new growth and vibrant life. Without this, where would be right now?

And whilst in myth and legend Alchemy is often seen as a quest for gold or everlasting life, it has actually played a significant role in the development of chemistry and medicine too. One of the most important of which, it’s suggested, is distillation.

So coming back to nature and our toadstools and mushrooms, one principle from the ancient alchemists is “begin with the mysteries of nature”.

And that’s partly what I love about nature…the magic, the mystery, the intelligence and the wisdom that all too often go unnoticed.

It’s also why I love bringing nature into my work, and my work into nature. By reconnecting with the magic in nature and harnessing the power of intuition we can learn to distil the truth from our perceptions and, create real alchemy and transformation in life.

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