Awake or Asleep?

Last week I saw this stunning vulture at a wildlife display with Wide Eyes Falconry CIC and The Big Cat Sanctuary

At first I didn’t know what I was looking at. With his neck drooped and head hanging, I wasn’t even sure ‘it’ was alive! But the keeper said it was a vulture, just having a sleep 😍

Later that afternoon, I walked past again and this time it was an entirely different picture. The majestic vulture, now fully awake, was standing tall and magnificent.

The contrast was stark. And prompted me to think how easily we all fall asleep. Not in our beds at night, but in our lives. Asleep to our own magnificence, our true nature, our dreams and visions and our internal saboteurs too.

We become sedated by the stories we tell ourselves, the excuses we make and the habits we repeat.

Perhaps we believe our dreams are impossible, impractical or not that important. We might not even be conscious or aware of what they are.

Maybe we cling tight to what’s holding us back. A job, a home, a relationship. Or our limited ways of thinking.

But if we wake up to the yearning of our soul. And see beyond the illusions of the ego. We can connect with a world of rich possibilities. And learn to create magic. The true stuff of dreams! 💫✨💫

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