Day 9 #30giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Beauty.

True beauty can prompt us to stop and pause for a moment, captivated in a state of awe and wonder.

And in this special moment, not only does it lift our spirits and benefit our well being, it also allows us to experience life beyond our everyday thinking and perceptions. We sense a special connection between ourselves and something much greater.

And can sense too, a deeper connection with our own true nature and emotions such as love and peace and joy.

Nature of course has beauty in abundance, whether a stunning sunset, a mountain top view or a simple flower. .

“Those who find beauty in all of nature will find themselves at one with the secrets of life itself” – L Wolfe Gilbert .

Take some time today to try this simple practice for yourself.

Today’s Practice

Set an intention to notice Beauty in nature.

Take some time to be in nature, perhaps in an open space or even at home.

Set your devices, distractions and to do lists aside.

Take a few deep, comfortable breaths and allow the mind to settle.

Take a look around and imagine seeing this place for the very first time.

Notice the beauty. It may be in the bigger things, it may be in the small things. It may not even be what you would conventionally define as beautiful.

Take your time. Be open and curious.

Notice the affect.

(Original image by Taylor Roark, Instagram thetaylorroark)

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