When creativity flows

Creativity refreshes the parts fear and worry cannot reach ;-)

In these challenging times it’s so lovely to see so many people being so creative. Whether it’s ingenious ways of staying connected, engaging in creative hobbies and pastimes, working in new and different ways or innovative ideas for supporting each other and navigating our way though this.

It’s not always easy, and we’ll each have our wobbles. But when we tap into our creative spirit we connect with a different aspect of ourselves and with something much greater too.

In this creative space we can feel uplifted, inspired and in flow. And experience more love, joy and delight over fear, anger or depression.

So of course we all have fears and concerns. We really are in the unknown. But instead of being overwhelmed and reacting to these let’s carry on being creative and create our way through ?

If you’d like any help for you or those around you please get in touch.