Magic is Real!

A week today I’ll be arriving here! And meeting these beautiful animals again.

This time last year, just the seed of an idea.

A few weeks later I was volunteering in Africa with rhinos and other wild animals.

And now, one year later, I’m returning to run my Magical African Adventure retreat.

Magic really does happen when we follow our hearts, rise above resistance and let go of needing to know how.

And when we flow with the rhythm of nature, where one step leads to the next in an ever increasing spiral of creativity, results unfold naturally and magically.

Simple but not always easy. It takes awareness, focus and dedicated practice. And letting go of whatever you thought, or believed, was ncessary.


>If you’d love to create more magic in your life

>If you’re ready to take your creations to the next level

>And if you’d like to be supported on your creative journey

I have a couple of places to work privately one to one.

If you feel called or curious.

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