Magic Monday

On the first Monday of each month I’m giving away 3 free intuitive coaching sessions to the first three people who apply.

It’s a great opportunity to experience for yourself what happens in an intuitive session, discover how it can benefit you and find out if it’s something you’d like to take further.

So if you have a question, a challenge or something you’d love to change…or would love to create what you want with a little less effort and a little more magic why not give it a try and book a session now?

Call or message me to claim your free place ? x

Here are a few comments from recent sessions.

‘You’ve given me a real gift….what you’re doing is real alchemy. Thank you’

“Our work together has taken me in a direction I never imagined. Thank you for guiding me into the magic”

“Ever so grateful. It was really helpful indeed”

“Brilliant session. Thank you Denise. Highly recommended”