Natural Creativity

I love seeing these new ferns emerging in spring time.

🌀And did you know that in nature, the spiral is a very common pattern or structure.

🌿Which is not only beautiful to look at but also represents a sustainable structure brought about by ever increasing, incremental steps.

🌀Steps that also happen to reflect the Fibonacci mathematical sequence, where each number equals the sum of the previous two, and when plotted creates a spiral shape.

🌿In contrast to nature though, we humans often find ourselves driven by unconscious tendencies and interfering with what’s most natural. We’re either striving and pushing ahead. Or procrastinating and holding back.

🌀Which can mean we either risk leaping ahead too quickly, missing important steps, suffering burnout and sabotaging success.

🌿Or we miss the boat completely and leave our ideas to wither and die.

🌀But when we adopt the laws of nature, we can create and grow sustainably.

🌿So remember, you only need take the next intuitive, incremental step… but you do need to take that next step

🌟If you’d like more clarity about creating naturally, and what your next step might be, please feel free to get in touch.

🌀And next time you’re out in nature, take a look around and notice how many spiral patterns you find. Maybe the arrangement of leaves or flower petals on a plant, the seed head on a sunflower, a snail’s shell or even the scales of a pine cone……. 🌀🌿🐚🐌