Refresh and Renew

Happpy New Year!

And Welcome to 2023! We’re already a week in, how’s it going? And what are you most looking forward to?

Maybe you got off to a flying start. Or perhaps you’re starting more slowly.

Either way, if you haven’t already, it’s still a good time to take stock and consciously choose what you’d love to create in the year ahead.



If you missed my #12giftsfromnature series, here’s an excerpt from New Year’s Day. With an invitation to refresh and renew, letting go of the past and creating new beginnings. It’s an exercise I often use with coaching clients and can have surprising and powerful results.


‘Every moment is a fresh beginning’ ~ T S Eliot



> Take some to time to observe or be in nature

> Notice the natural renewal already occurring. New shoots in the ground, or buds on the trees.

> Choose to make space for renewal and growth in your own life too by reflecting on the following questions. (either in nature or wherever you feel comfortable)

  1. What have I created in the past year, intentionally or otherwise?
  2. What have I learned in the past year?
  3. What is it time to let go?
  4. What is it true to create now?

> Don’t over think……allow the answers to emerge intuitively.

> Take your time and make a note of what you receive.

> Choose and commit to creating what’s true for you now.


Enjoy :)

And Happy New Year!


PS If you’d like some help in gaining more clarity please get in touch.