Seeing the Full Landscape

Did you know that deer, like many other prey animals, have horizontal pupils? And what’s more, when they lower their heads to eat, the eyeballs swivel, in opposite directions, and the pupils remain horizontal! 🦌

On our recent Alchemy in Nature call we explored this phenomenon and the importance of seeing the full landscape for wildlife and for ourselves.

For a deer in the wild, it’s life depends on it’s ability to see the full landscape, foraging for food whilst keeping an eye out for dangerous predators. Hence the horizontal pupil and positioning of the eyes.

And we need to see the full landscape, what’s really going on, otherwise we also risk falling prey, to the ego. Destined to repeat old patterns from the past, forever sabotaging ourselves, creating more of what we don’t want and believing that’s just how life is.

So when we learn instead to see more fully like the deer, we can spot hidden dangers and how we trip ourselves up, and choose alternative, inspired action that helps us thrive and create more naturally.

And as one participant shared after the exercise we did on the call “seeing the full landscape revealed more options and possibilities I hadn’t been aware of before”


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