That’s when the magic happens

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually right before the magic happens.

Why is that? Well most of us, most of the time rely on our thoughts and feelings to determine our actions. And yet so often what our thoughts are telling us to do isn’t the best thing to do. But we go ahead anyway because that’s what we know, and it seems to make sense.

But our thoughts and our feelings are based on beliefs and perceptions, not on what’s actually true. Which means that despite our best efforts we can sabotage our creative endeavours.

As an example, a few years ago I had arranged to run a weekend event, for a small intimate group, in a hotel which I’d already booked.

A few days before the event though I still didn’t have the number of attendees that I wanted. My thinking was persuading me that with such low numbers it wouldn’t be economically viable to go ahead, that it would be disappointing and less effective for the participants and would reflect badly on me. So I allowed my thoughts and feelings to dominate and I cancelled the event.

You can guess what happened. Yes, the very next day, two more people contacted me out of the blue and asked to come along.

If I hadn’t quit, if I’d ignored my fears and doubts, maintained my focus and used the powerful creative tools I now use and teach, I would have created my event.

In contrast, I’ve been running a few webinars recently. And on one occasion I really did think I might have to cancel as it was all quite last minute and only a couple of people had booked. But this time, I didn’t fall prey to my thoughts and feelings, I maintained my focus, followed my intuition, people showed up as if by magic and it all worked out

When we master the magic art of creating, and don’t let our beliefs and perceptions get the better of us, we really can create beyond what we ‘think’ is possible…. as if by magic.

If you’d like to learn more drop me a line or come along to my next webinar.

Have a magical weekend!