Truth or Illusion?

I recently led my Magical African Adventure retreat at Imire rhino and wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe. 

For one of the exercises, I guided people into a state of innocence, or pure presence, and then invited them to notice what they observed during our walk. 

Many people commented that they’d noticed so much more. Seen things, heard things, felt things they hadn’t been aware of before. And had a richer, more expansive experience. 

Interestingly, I was also reading a wonderful book, The Elephant Whisperer, by Lawrence Anthony.

And I shared this quote with my group. 

“There is nothing like looking at what is actually going on around you to turn a lot of what you thought to be true on its head.”

It really is true. 

When we let go of needing to know, and observe from a state of innocence or presence, we realise there’s so much more than we think or perceive or believe. 

That we’re really creating an illusion and hiding the truth from view. 

New dates for my Magical African Adventure 2024 are coming soon! 

Please message me for details and get on the waiting list 🦏😍

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