Wander in Wonder for WWF UK

Last month I led a group of wanderers on a wander in support of WWF UK.

We connected in nature, made new discoveries, forged new friendships and received insights and wisdom too. We also raised over £360 to support nature and wildlilfe, and won a WWF medal :) Thank you!

Here are a few comments and takeaways…

💚 ‘Magic is all around us, if we take the time to look’

💚 ‘I loved that Denise had an end-result and a structure for the walk, but beyond that, everything was organic and natural’

💚 ‘I enjoyed being with likeminded people who appreciated the nature and beauty presented to them, and the magic of nature’

💚 ‘I posed a question as suggested by Denise and got the answer straight away’

💚 ‘A wonderful break in an otherwise busy schedule, with space for contemplation in a relaxed style with a group of likeminded people’

💚 ‘I gained clarity on what my next business venture will look like’

💚 ‘I felt re-invigorated, mind, body and soul’

💚 ‘I learned about Ancient and Veteran trees, and how important they are for biodiversity’

💚 ‘There’s such a thing as a Cork Oak, and its bark is made of cork’

💚 The berries from the Blackthorn tree are used to make Sloe Gin

Look out for more dates coming soon! Dxx

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