What an Adventure!

Last week I returned from my Magical African Adventure retreat at Imire Rhino and Wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe.

I’d long imagined leading retreats in beautiful, wild locations where we don’t just show up, use the space and leave, but where we also make a real contribution both financially and practically. And that’s exactly what we did!

During our 7-night immersion we had many magical encounters. From rhinos passing by our tents at night, to breakfasting with elephants and walking with cheetahs.

We were present at a ground breaking relocation operation of two male cheetahs embarking on the next stage of their rewilding journey.

We provided hands on support and got to see what’s involved in the operation and maintenance of a wildlife conservation.

We visited and supported local schools, communities and inspiring women’s group.

We enjoyed guided game drives, educational bush walks and intimate connection with magnificent wild animals.

We forged new friendships and shared fun and laughter together.

And connected with our true nature and calling through guided meditations and practices.

There’s more I could share but, for now, here are one or two comments from some of those who joined me on the adventure.

Thank you. Til next year! 🧡


‘Feeling blessed. Thank you Denise for this truly wonderful and magical experience’

‘I was reminded of the undeniable, majestic power of nature’

‘There is so much to see and do but sometimes we just have to be. And let the magic unfold’

‘No words to describe how magical this experience was. Wild animals are so smart, strong yet humble, they just follow their true nature and the call of the wild. Something we humans should all aspire to’

‘If it weren’t for you, your kindness and persistence I wouldn’t have this magical experience. I’m so grateful’