What brings you Joy?

What brings you Joy? ❤️
How often we fall asleep and forget or deny our hearts and what we really love.
For me I can often feel I don’t have time to come out into nature even though I’d love to. Yet when I do it anyway, just like today, it really does fill my heart with joy. And I find myself asking ‘why would I ever deny myself this!’
And it’s not only about simply doing what we love. When we are filled with joy we’re in a lighter and higher vibration….connected, inspired and in touch with our creative potential.
From where we get to create more naturally and magically and flow in life in harmony with nature.
I often see clients sidelining what brings them joy in favour of more pressing or ‘important’ things. So what have you fallen asleep to or been denying yourself lately?
Perhaps a love of music, theatre or dance? Creative writing or art maybe? Time with family and friends? Or pursuing a passion or vocation you love?
When we wake up and stay awake to what we truly love, and give this to ourselves inspite of our excuses, life unfolds in magical ways and we come alive to our truth, our hearts and our joy ❤️
Why would we ever deny ourselves that?