Why intuition is like fungi

There were just a few remaining fungi on my walk this morning. Disappearing just as mysteriously as when they first arrived.

Which is why fungi are described as ephemeral. The mushrooms or fruiting bodies seen above ground appear only fleetingly, some for a single day.

Yet underground these fascinating fungi are connected through an invisible web of microscopic threads. Playing a vital role for all forms of life.

Our intuition’s a bit like fungi too đŸ˜ƒ It’s ephemeral and the messages are often subtle and fleeting. Yet just like those fungi, it’s also connected to an invisible web. A vast web of information beyond the 2000 bits that we typically perceive. Beyond our perennial habits and beliefs.

And that’s why it’s important and powerful to learn to use our intuition, receive the messages it gives us and be guided by these in our everyday lives.