Winter Solstice

Welcome to the Winter solstice, a pivotal date in Nature’s calendar.

Today, the 21st of December, marks the shortest day in the Northern hemisphere with just 8 hours and 46 minutes of daylight. From here on in the days begin to get longer and lighter again!

It also marks the official start of winter here too. And with the weather we’ve been having recently that’s certainly no great surprise!

Traditionally this is a time for death and rebirth. Old plants and trees dying back, creating space for fresh, new growth to emerge.



And in harmony with Nature we too can flow with the natural rhythm, taking time for connection and reflection at this time.

So this is an invitation to leave the madness behind for a while and take some quiet time to go within.

Below are a few ideas you might enjoy. Plus one or two questions to reflect on this Solstice.

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Happy Solstice 💛

🌓 A few ideas for taking time to go within and connect with your inner wisdom and nature.

🌙Walk in nature

💫Journalling or guided writing


💫Decluttering your home or workspace

🌙Quiet reflection

🌓 Questions to reflect on

🌙 What is it time to let go? What is it that no longer serves you?

💫What would you love to birth or create? Where can you shine your light in the world?