*** Wander in Wonder ***

Saturday 1st October 2022 

11am til 1pm, Richmond Park, Surrey.


In October I’ll be leading another Wander in Wonder, and raising money for charity too.



So if you’d love to join me for a magical wander in nature, and do something for nature too, then let me know and I’ll send you all the details ?

And if you can’t join us you can still do something for nature by making a donation here
Here are a few comments from last time.
💚’I really enjoyed discovering the joy of wandering, discovering things about Richmond Park I didn’t know, and meeting lovely people too’.
💚’It inspired me to see things I would not have noticed. Which in turn triggered my imagination, inspiring new creative projects of my own’.
💚’I’d recommend your walk in nature because the park, woods, wildlife bring you back to your natural self plus your fab knowledge of the history of the park was interesting and stimulated my imagination’.
Looking forward to seeing you!

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