1st Gift from Nature

Day 1 #12giftsfromnature

Today’s gift is Patience.

This time of year can often be busy and stressful as well as joyful and peaceful. With last minute preparations, additional house guests or unexpected expense it’s easy for any of us to lose our cool.

I know I’ve had my patience tested already and we’re only on Day 1! ?

So what can we learn from Nature? Well these words from Lao Tzu might be worth remembering.

“In nature nothing is hurried yet everything is accomplished” ~ Lao Tzu


Notice when you start to feel impatient.

Stop, pause and pay attention.

What’s coming up for you? What sensations are you experiencing in your body? What’s the emotion? What are you making this situation mean? What are you projecting?

Acknowledge these thoughts and feelings.

Now take a deep breath in and as you exhale, imagine just letting them all

Bring your awareness to the breathe…the inflow, the outflow.

And ask yourself, What’s obvious? What would I love?

Choose that ?