Effort or ease?

Last week I had a few lovely surprises.

I won a raffle, received money I wasn’t expecting and met just the person I needed at just the right time ;-) And the best part about it was, I didn’t have to do anything. Well not much anyway. None of these was planned. They were all unexpected bonuses beyond what I could have physically organised myself.

Of course there are times when I’ve had different experiences too, where things didn’t seem to go my way. But to be more accurate, back then I simply got in my own way.


All too often we fall into the habit of believing we have to ‘make’ things happen, ‘control’ people or events and work ‘hard’ to get results. Like the all too common fitness mantra ‘no pain, no gain’ many of us believe we have to make a real effort to get what we want and have developed an over reliance on the masculine aspect of creating.

We forget that an equally important element of creating results is embracing the feminine – allowing space for ideas to unfold, solutions to arise and being open to receive what appears. We all know what happened with Archimedes in the bath after all  ;-)

When we focus too much on the masculine approach we risk depleting our energy, blocking new possibilities and derailing our plans. When we depend solely on the feminine we risk waiting forever, taking no action and nothing much happens.

But when we embrace both of these we become even more powerful, create more than we thought possible, and with less effort and more ease too.

So what can you do to improve the balance?