Magic or mayhem?

Magic or mayhem? What are you creating?

We’re always creating results of some kind, either what we want or, what we don’t want. The difference between the two lies in the choices we make and the actions we take…very often outside of conscious awareness.

If you’re creating mayhem in your life, it’s likely that your actions and behaviour are compensating for an unconscious belief and so will inevitably steer you off course. A belief that you’re ‘not worthy’ for instance might lead you to make sure everyone else is ok but leave no time for the things that you want. It could even sabotage you in more subtle ways, such as you becoming unwell and not able to do what you planned. A belief that you’re not good enough might lead you to achieve lots of things but still leave you feeling dissatisfied or burnt out. While a belief that you’re not allowed to be capable, might mean you avoid even starting things or somehow ensure they just don’t happen. Total mayhem!


Magic, on the other hand, unfolds when you are guided by your intuition. When you make choices and take inspired action aligned with what’s true, you get to create amazing results more effortlessly and magically.

So if you want more magic in your life, notice what you’re creating and master your intuition.